Today is Earth Day! Get involved and do you part to protect the Earth and maintain her beauty. Here are some small ways you can constantly be helping:

-Plant a garden

-Recycle! Paper, Plastic, aluminum, steel, and glass can all be recycled. Look for a recycle symbol on your containers

-When you see a piece of trash, don't pass it up, Pick it up!

-Go Solar! Start small with a Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit; Portable solar power for your phone

-Use less water

-carpool to work The world we live on is incredible! There is so much we still have not discovered and may never truly understand.


-You think you’re old? Mother Earth is 4.54 billion years old and still kickin!

-Technically,The Earth isn’t Round. The accurate description of the Earth’s figure is oblate spheroid. This means that it is spherical, but also flattened from its two opposite poles.

-Hottest day on record: El Azizia, Libia, at 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Coming in a close second at a 134 degrees is Death Valley, California.

-Coldest day on record: Vostok in Antarctica ?129 degrees Fahrenheit.

-World's longest mountain range : The mid-ocean ridge. The underwater chain of volcanoes spans some 40,389 miles As lava erupts from the seafloor it creates more crust, adding to the mountain chain, which stretches around the globe.

-Try this on for size: The General Sherman giant sequoia is the largest known stem tree by volume on the planet. The trunk of the tree contains slightly more than 52,500 cubic feet (1,486.6 cubic meters) of material.

The world we live in is spectacular! Get out, explore it, and protect it.

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