We are giddy when we get feedback from our users after they return from trips or other such adventure where our gear has been used. We decided we need to start sharing them more often. This customer happens to be one of the more extreme users of our gear. But remember you don't have to be 'extreme' to enjoy our products. We give anyone who wants it, freedom from the outlet._

"Just following up from last month. The 2 Sherpa 120s I purchased from you saw plenty of action in Nepal over the last 3-4 weeks. They survived the trek into base camp on yaks. I set the panels up on the side of my tent and they sat there charging away during all weather events and temperature extremes. The batteries worked great and I appreciated the USB plug for all sorts of lower power devices. Once the team found out I could charge off USB I had people lining up at my tent with their ipods. As the expedition photographer and media producer I did daily photo, text, and video dispatches to I kept the hand held sat phones charged for media interviews and calls to the wife, the data sat phone for transmitting media, and batteries for the cameras. All and all I couldn't be happier."_

We love our users! Keep the feedback coming!

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