Mark arrives in Myrtle Beach after trek from NY. The walk continues...

Mark arrives in Myrtle Beach after trek from NY. The walk continues...

MYRTLE BEACH (Source: SCNOW.COM)—A New York man spent Tuesday night in Myrtle Beach before continuing his journey to walk across America to raise money for terminally ill veterans. Mark Klodcinski’s goal is to raise money for the “Warrior’s Wish Foundation” by walking from New York, down through Florida, and then across the country ending in California. The 24-year-old said this trip is to honor our nation’s heroes, our veterans. “I contacted the Warrior’s Wish Foundation and they grant terminally ill veterans and their families’ wishes,” said Klodcinski. “I told them, ‘Hey, I’m walking across the country do you think we could set up a one cent a mile pledge drive? I think I could earn one to 45 million bucks for you guys.‘“ So far, Klodcinski is at the $100,000 mark. He hopes his trek across the country will inspire others to follow their dreams too. Follow Mark and his journey on facebook:

About Mark and the Patriot Walk

Mark Klodzinski started walking 4,500 miles across America in March to raise awareness for our returning service members. The walk will span over 8 months. Mark is walking completely solo with a backpack, a map, a tent, and solar panels from GOALØ. Roughing it across America Mark wants to inspire others to dream BIGGER, do MORE, and serve your country any way you can!

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