Goal Zero Off the Grid | Storytelling with NYT Best-Selling Author, Brianna Madia

Goal Zero Off the Grid | Storytelling with NYT Best-Selling Author, Brianna Madia

My office lays at the end of a dirt road…sometimes. Sometimes, it’s tucked up against a sandstone wall, or beneath the shade of a juniper, or in the sand beside a muddy river. In my line of work, it could be almost anywhere. Because, as an author, I feel the most creative when I’m physically in the spaces I’m writing about. The best – and most complicated – thing about those spaces, however, is how off the grid they are. The better ideas I have, the further away I seem to be from a standard outlet. Having the right gear (Yeti 500X and Sherpa 100AC) that allows me to charge my laptop, or my phone, or my camera is critical. My job would be impossible if I couldn’t type my pages or edit my PDFs or document my stories.

Best selling author powers laptop from Goal Zero Yeti 500X

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade on the road; bouncing from vans, to trailers, to friends’ houses, then back to vans. There’s so much about this way of life that is unpredictable. Having gear that is predictable (Yeti 500X + Nomad 50 Solar Generator) is essential to keep the adventure going. Because I just couldn’t imagine doing this job anywhere else. When I’m out here, I can let my guard down, let my thoughts go, let my fingers move across the keyboard just a bit easier. There’s a feeling of ease, and belonging, and safety, and I think those are some of the most important cornerstones of the creative process.

Yeti 500X + Nomad 50 Solar Generator and dogs

To see more behind the scenes and follow along on the next adventure check out @briannamadia

Sherpa 100AC powers a smartphone while on a Baja vacation

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