Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013! As the New Year is already here, plenty of people are creating goals and resolutions. Every year, without fail, some of the top resolutions include: • Getting fit • Learning something new • Spending more time with family • Travelling • Reducing stress At times, resolutions turn out to be complicated, harder to achieve and nearly forgotten by March. But most of these five resolutions can be combined for success. •


Whether you are interested in toning or losing weight, getting fit doesn’t always have to include a gym membership. Ditch the fluorescent gym and venture to the great outdoors; it provides plenty of opportunity to shape up including running, swimming, hiking, climbing and dozens of other activities to get your heart pumping. If you want to combine other resolutions, try a different outdoor approach to fitness and learn something new. If you’re a big runner, try bicycling. •


The world is jam packed with skills and talents and fun facts you can master. 2013 is as good a year as any to jump into what you really want to do. Learn to play an instrument, a new language or how to cook. If you want to ensure you spend more time with your family too, try to learn something new that could be interactive. If you are big campers, learn new skills you can teach your kids on trips as well.**

• Spending more time with family**

It’s almost inevitable that everyone gets too busy to spend more time with family or reconnect with loved ones. However, if travelling of some kind is part of your resolutions family time can always be incorporated. Take a trip to see your family or plan a vacation with your family. •


Travel of some sort tends to be on the resolution list more often than not. Although we are always fans of going abroad and exploring, being a weekend warrior in your own stomping grounds is a viable option. A short road trip or new hiking adventure will definitely help you scratch the itch to do more. Better yet, travelling also helps with relaxation and the resolution of reducing stress. •


If one of your resolutions is to get fit, reducing stress will also be taken care of. We’re sure it’s no new news, but excitement and exercise release endorphins in your body for a feeling of well-being. If you take up a new activity, plan on getting an endorphin rush to help reduce some unnecessary stress. If you’ve made resolutions, don’t give up this year. Make a promise and keep it. Go outdoors, be free and do more. If you want help living untethered, you know we have tons of products to support your personal adventures.

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