We can get behind a lot of solar powered gadgets and gizmos, but some tiptoe on the territory of being bizarre. We’ve dipped deeper into the solar power industry to discover innovative ideas that may or may not be genius.


While other ladies can flaunt leopard print bikinis, die-hard “green” girls can opt for the solar panel clad swim suit. The solar panel bikini actually totes slim, hand-stitched film strips to charge small electronics.


If you’re not familiar with beekeeping, the purpose of this tool is to help naturally increase the number of worker bees and decrease domestic bees to amplify honey production. With a solar powered cooler, the hive’s temperature can help with controlling the number of bees.


The idea of an active headstone hasn’t spread like wild fire just yet, but it’s available. Years ago an entrepreneur introduced the idea of an electronic photo album for graves. You can actually have a solar powered video panel mounted on the front of a headstone. The electronic photo album can hold pictures and videos to pay tribute to the deceased. Even though the previous three products exist, we’re anxious to see science take it a step further. Here are some of our picks for what we wish to see sometime in the future.


Because people see their cell phones as an extension of themselves, a phone capable of solar-charging itself would definitely be the iPhone contender. As it turns out, Nokia has already set out to test the waters of a solar powered cell phone and there are in fact solar powered cell phone cases out there. However, solar panel technology on small items like a cell phone has proven difficult because there just isn’t enough surface area for the panels to keep them fully charged. But, we have faith.


Solar vehicles exist, we know. But they are usually sponsored by governments and are used as demonstration vehicles and for engineering exercises. However, in the search of clean energy and changing the world from gas-guzzler to green, there’s a chance cars running on solar energy could be in cards. The problem here is making the cars sellable. At present, we would need better efficiency and battery technology to make it work.


Beyond wanting the convenience of a fresh cell phone battery or rooting for the environmentally-friendly car, a solar powered toilet is a great idea. Bill Gates and his foundation actually funded a fair in search of a toilet that will truly help developing countries. The right ‘can’ will run on the sun, reuse water and help alleviate sanitation problems around the world. What solar powered product do you wish to see in the near future?

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