Whether you’re an extreme adventurer or an average Joe (or Jane), keeping a Guide 10 Plus in your backpack, purse or carryon is a stress-free way to keep all your gear charged up, no matter where life takes you. Don’t let that round of Angry Birds be your phone’s last. This week we’re catching up with GZ Ambassador “Sketchy” Andy Lewis as he continues to slackline around the world."I use my

GUIDE 10 PLUS all the time. It’s a cool little device! When I go out for a long day, I can almost always guarantee my phone and camera to die halfway through the day. The camera is always rolling and music is always playing from my iPhone. Not having the ability to capture an awesome photo or video could result in hours of work to try and get the shot again. If I allow my phone to die mid-day, I lose my means of communication in case of an emergency." "With the Guide 10 Plus I can fully recharge my phone mid- day and still have enough juice to put a bump of energy in my GoPro before I jump. Even if I use all the Guide 10’s juice to recharge my camera and phone, I can easily power up my Guide 10 Plus from my Nomad 7 Solar Panel. When I was in Brazil the sun was so hot that the Nomad 7 was charging my gear was a sinch!" "It can be annoying when I travel to different countries, like Brazil, because of the different outlets. When I travel with my crew, I’m usually the only one who doesn’t need to bring an inverter. The

GUIDE 10 PLUS is the best way to avoid fighting over outlets. NO need for an outlet, NO need for an inverter, NO need for stress. All you need is the sun! And where's the best place for the sun? The beach!" "I'm Andy Lewis and this is my Slacklife. Solar Powered." What has your Guide 10 Plus allowed you to do? Share your story with us in the comments below or on

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