Goal Zero was born out of a desire to help people better their lives. Our first products were a battery, solar panel, and LED light that equipped people in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the power and light needed to run businesses, provide for their families, and ultimately, become more self-sufficient. After seeing the impact that portable power could have on both individuals and a community at large, we assembled a team of designers and engineers to create a line of solar power products that could improve life across the spectrum of human experience.

Our company grew from an ethos built on zero apathy, zero boundaries, and zero regrets; driven by a passion for empowering human potential, a commitment to exploration and innovation, and a belief that breakthroughs only happen to those who dare to risk.

Since those early days, we’ve delivered power to all kinds of people, around the world and close to home. We’ve powered expeditions in some of the most remote regions on earth, kept communities safe in the face of disaster, and helped people connect with friends and family, whether that’s off the grid, around the campfire, or in the backyard.

With the innovation of the Goal Zero Yeti power stations, we set a new category of portable power in motion; one that provides a safe, clean alternative to traditional gas generators and presents a new way forward in everything from preparing for emergencies to running off grid events.

As we grow and evolve, we recognize the need for power is universal. It is our mission to meet that need by creating smart, portable power solutions designed for everyone, everywhere. This means our products are as relevant at home as they are in the great outdoors; they are as useful to the city commuter as they are to the traveling explorer.

We are motivated by a vision of the future in which no one is without power. An ambitious goal it may be; however, our values reflect those of a company fueled by ambition - and we believe we are able to make a bigger impact because of it. Supporting humanitarian projects has been in our DNA since the beginning. Each year moving forward, we will commit to putting a portion of our profit towards continuing to fund projects around the world - whether that’s installing solar in remote villages high up in the Himalayas or providing power to people in the wake of a hurricane.

We aren’t just a company but a team of passionate people who live life to the fullest, with a shared desire to help others do the same. We’re mountain bikers, skiers, and climbers, world travelers and weekend warriors, technology mavens and creatives, moms, dads, commuters, coaches, and everything in between. We rely on our products to power the things that matter most in our own lives and are proud to stand behind them.

Our goal is to make power products that meet the needs of everyone, everywhere. We will provide power for your greatest adventure and your moment of need, for bringing people together and every day on the job.

This is who we are. This is why we exist. This is Goal Zero.

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