How to Throw a Penalty-Free Superbowl 2024 Party

How to Throw a Penalty-Free Superbowl 2024 Party

Excitement is building as Kansas City and San Francisco prepare to face off in this year’s Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday. If you’re also preparing for the big day, we’ve got some tips to help you score points with your crew and make sure everyone at your Super Bowl party has a good time, no matter who walks away with the trophy. 

Keep Everyone Entertained 

The game is the main event at any good Super Bowl 58 party, but it doesn’t hurt to have activities ready to keep folks entertained before kickoff and during halftime. This is also handy if some of your guests aren’t super invested in watching the game. 

  • Play trivia before the game starts to see who knows the most about the teams, players, and Super Bowl history. Questions can range anywhere from the ridiculously obvious “Which teams are playing this year?” to the ultra-specific “How many rushing yards does Christian Mccaffrey have this season?” 
  • Set up space outside to throw a ball around, run a few plays, or try out your cornhole skills. If it gets dark a bit early, use the Skylight to light up a 300 ft area to keep the games going into the evening.  
  • Set up a friendship bracelet craft station for the Swiftie/Kelce shippers. 
  • Create Bingo cards for the commercials. Guests can mark off Hollywood cameos, movie trailers, puppies, trucks, beer, cell phones, and more.  
  • Place friendly bets with fun prizes for winners to keep folks invested in the game. Bet on who’ll win the coin toss, what the final score will be, who’ll rack up the most penalties, and more.  

Keep Your Sanity 

You should be able to enjoy the game too. Use these tips to take the stress out of your Super Bowl party hosting duties. 

  • Pack a portable refrigerator full of everyone’s favorite drinks and place it in an easy-access area. That way you won’t have to worry about running out of ice, and it will be easier to keep people out of the crowded kitchen. 
  • Stock up on koozies to help drinks stay cold longer. 
  • Batch drinks to reduce prep time. 
  • Set your grill master loose outside. Just plug your pellet grill into a Yeti power station and away they go. This will free up space indoors and keep things from getting too hot or smokey.  
  • Prepare finger food and snacks for easier clean up and fewer dishes. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring snacks to share.  

No matter who wins this weekend, we’re sure you’ll impress everyone with your killer party hosting. Have a great time and hit up Goal Zero for lights, fridges, power and more for your next event or adventure! 

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