Forbes: Keeping The Lights On With A Goal Zero Yeti 1500x Portable Power Station

Forbes: Keeping The Lights On With A Goal Zero Yeti 1500x Portable Power Station

Keeping The Lights On With A Goal Zero Yeti 1500x Portable Power Station

Forbes: Tony Bradley 

In scenarios where there is no power supply, whether due to natural disasters, camping trips, or unreliable electricity grids, the lack of access to electricity can pose significant challenges. In such situations, a portable power station becomes a valuable asset, providing a reliable and convenient source of power. The Goal Zero Yeti 1500x is a portable power station that offers a range of power options, striking a balance between cost, power capacity, and portability.


The Goal Zero Yeti 1500x features a sturdy and portable design. It measures approximately 15.25 inches in width, 10.37 inches in height, and 10.23 inches in depth, making it relatively compact for a power station of its capacity. The device weighs around 46 pounds, making it hefty but allowing for easy transportation.

The Yeti 1500x is equipped with a variety of ports and outlets, catering to different power needs. It offers several USB ports, both USB-A and USB-C, which can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and other small electronic devices. Additionally, it provides dual AC outlets, allowing you to power larger appliances and devices such as laptops, televisions, refrigerators, and medical equipment.

The battery of the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x is substantial, providing a power capacity of 1516 watt-hours (Wh). This ample capacity enables the device to sustain power for an extended period, depending on the energy consumption of the connected devices.


The Goal Zero Yeti 1500x operates as a portable power station, capable of storing and delivering power when needed. It can be charged using various methods, including solar panels, wall outlets, or even a vehicle's 12V outlet. This versatility allows for multiple charging options, ensuring a reliable power source regardless of the available resources.

According to the Goal Zero website, the Yeti 1500x can recharge a smartphone 127 times, power a light bulb for 138 hours, keep a 42” LED TV on for 15 hours, or run a full-size refrigerator for 21 hours. Of course, real-world mileage will vary and those numbers will be reduced the more devices you try to power simultaneously from the portable power station.

One notable feature of the Yeti 1500x is its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless control and monitoring of the device through a mobile app. This functionality provides users with the ability to check the battery status, monitor power consumption, and even control specific outlets remotely. The mobile app enhances the convenience and usability of the power station, allowing users to manage their power needs more efficiently. 


Having firsthand experience with the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x, I can attest to its practicality and reliability. During a recent camping trip, the power station proved invaluable in providing a consistent power supply for charging smartphones, powering a portable refrigerator, and even running a small electric stove. Its portability and range of outlets made it easy to connect and power multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring a comfortable camping experience.

The real value and usefulness of the Yeti 1500x, however, is for backup power at home. Living in Houston, where extreme weather events and an unreliable Texas power grid are not uncommon, the power station came to the rescue during a recent powerful storm front that caused widespread power outages. The Yeti 1500x sustained power for our essential needs for a couple of days, allowing us to keep vital devices charged, power small appliances, and provide light during the night. It provided peace of mind and a sense of security during a challenging situation.

We also have a gas generator, but that thing is loud enough to be heard in the next county and it requires that I scramble out to find gasoline during weather catastrophes that typically shut down all of the area gas stations as well. Gas generators also generate serious heat and put off carbon monoxide exhaust. The Yeti 1500x provides power silently, and Goal Zero also offers portable solar panels or an optional cable that allows you to recharge from a 12V car battery to keep the device charged during extended outages.


The Goal Zero Yeti 1500x offers several advantages as a portable power station. Its compact size and relatively light weight make it easy to transport, whether for camping trips or emergency preparedness. The wide range of ports and outlets cater to various power needs, from small electronic devices to larger appliances. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with the mobile app, add a layer of convenience and control.

However, it is worth considering the cost of the Yeti 1500x, as it is a higher-end option in the portable power station market. The price on the Goal Zero website is listed at $1,799.95. While it may represent a significant investment, the reliability, and functionality of the Yeti 1500x make it a worthwhile purchase for those seeking a robust and versatile power solution.

For future power outages, I would prefer to have a more robust and integrated Home Backup solution. Goal Zero offers power stations with higher capacity as well as expandable battery storage that can be added on and daisy-chained. You can connect the power directly to your home breaker panel so you can shift over to the backup power at the flip of a switch and keep electricity flowing to crucial appliances and devices without running 100-foot extension cords across the house.

Overall, based on its performance, features, and versatility, I highly recommend the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x portable power station. Whether for camping adventures, emergency preparedness, or as a backup power source for your home, it provides a dependable and convenient power supply, ensuring you stay connected and powered up even in challenging situations.

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