Goal Zero Recognized for Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

Goal Zero Recognized for Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

Company named as a 2022 Green Business Award Honoree for making strides toward Utah’s environmental sustainability

Salt Lake City, UT — October 20, 2022 –  Goal Zero, a leader in portable energy, today announced it was named as one of Utah Business’ Green Business Award Honorees. Goal Zero is a pioneer and leader in portable power and sustainable energy. Its vast array of solar-powered products allow users to stay connected anywhere at any time in an environmentally conscious way.

“Since the inception of Goal Zero, we have remained focused on bringing portable sustainable solar power options to everyone, no matter where they live,” said Bill Harmon, General Manager at Goal Zero. “From our sustainable products to working with our partners to mitigate environmental effects within our operations, we are proud to be implementing strategies and business practices that protect the environment for the coming generations.” 

By repurposing lightly used products for resale whenever possible and recycling key components when not possible, Goal Zero has continued to find ways to expand its commitment to sustainability. Key achievements include 50% of products being shipped in packaging sourced from at least 30% post consumer materials and 768 metric tons of carbon offsetting for inbound and outbound shipping. Goal Zero remains a leader in sustainable efforts, with its Riverton headquarters boasting 273,600 KWH of 100% renewable energy.

Along with Goal Zero’s business practice wins, the company also strives to seek out partnerships in sustainability to progress the mission further in preserving our planet. Additionally, Its solar offerings are available in a variety of locations and instances and continue to lead the way in sustainable, portable power. Goal Zero has brought portable power to the following communities: 


  • Goal Zero partners with the Envira Amazonia Project located near Feijó in the State of Acre, Brazil. This forest conservation project aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by protecting nearly 500,000 acres of tropical rainforest in addition to conserving habitat for endemic bird species and threatened tree species, retaining top soil and control erosion, establishing alternative sources of income and employment opportunities and providing agricultural extension training. 
  • In the heart of Navajo Nation, there are 18,000+ homes without electricity — a shocking 250,000 people currently live without power, and have for decades. Eagle Energy and Goal Zero have partnered together to help alleviate the issues of energy and power deficiency, and spend a week in Navajo Nation every year installing power stations, solar panels and solar lanterns. 
  • Goal Zero partnered with LeanMed, an organization providing medical oxygen to communities in need, on their rapid response program in Nigeria and donated Yeti 3000X to power production machines and help to start bringing lifesaving medical oxygen to the 40,000 rural health centers around the world that lack access to grid power.
  • Goal Zero has also recently partnered with Cake, an electric motorcycle company, to support anti-poaching efforts in South Africa. The Southern Africa Wildlife College needed the Yeti 6000X and Boulder solar panels to support their anti-poaching initiative and allow park rangers to recharge their electric Cake bikes wherever they’re at.

For more information about Goal Zero and its award-winning products, please visit www.goalzero.com or connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Utah Green Business Awards

This program honors those companies, communities, and individuals who are improving our air quality, reducing our emissions, and making strides toward our state's environmental sustainability.

About Goal Zero

A global leader in clean, consumer power solutions, Utah-based Goal Zero, an NRG company, created the portable power station category in 2009, following a humanitarian mission to bring sustainable energy to those in need. Since then, it has evolved its clean power solutions to meet expanding customer needs from emergency outages at home to professional and outdoor recreation needs at the campsite, tailgate, worksite, or off-grid events. Our solar panels, power stations and accessories allow you to power anything, anywhere. For more information, visit www.GoalZero.com.

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