As we move into Native American Heritage month, we’re celebrating our ambassador Mylo Fowler and the work of Heart of America to bring energy resilience and educational resources to indigenous communities during the pandemic. Remote learning presents many challenges for families who may have limited access to reliable power. Goal Zero continues to work with Heart of America to deliver 7,500 distance learning kits to youth across Navajoland, Hopi, Pueblo lands in New Mexico, and to the Chemehuevi Tribe in California. Check out the film above, "MYLO," in which Sony Artisan photographer and documentary filmmaker Chris Burkard tells the story of photographer and Goal Zero Ambassador Mylo Fowler and his quest to make a difference. In his own words about Native American Heritage month, Mylo notes:

"Native American Heritage Month is a time to reflect, appreciate and learn more about this land’s first people.

We are all surrounded by ancestral Indigenous lands as many States, parks, mountains, and valleys are alive with their lineage and families.

It is imperative to protect the language, heritage, culture, ceremonies, songs, and medicine found in the landscape.

As we adventure, hike, camp or do any activity in nature, may we meander by being a better steward of the land. Doing so will make it possible for our future generations to enjoy and quite possibly, figure out life in the comforting outdoors.

Since Indigenous people have lived here since time immemorial, you may come across petroglyphs, pottery shards or even remnants of their homestead. Simply leaving those items alone will only help preserve our ancestral ways.

There are numerous books, lectures, and films regarding Indigenous People. This may be a great time to learn more. You will only grow as we continue to navigate our time as neighbors on Mother Earth."

To support Mylo and provide resources for distanced learning to families and children of Native communities impacted by COVID-19, please visit HeartofAmerica.org.

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